Urban Multi Grass / Carpet Adhesive 20L


Product Overview

UTS Outdoor Adhesive is a solvent based synthetic grass and external sports surface adhesive for outdoor application. With excellent early bond strength it prevents edge curling and resists water and weather deterioration.


• Non stretch open weave polypropylene backed synthetic grass
• Needle punch polypropylene carpet
• Suitable for use over concrete, exterior grade cement sheeting & paved surfaces

Apply adhesive using a ‘V’ notched trowel spreader. Dimensions of notchings should be such as to provide a minimum (80%) coverage of adhesive to the back of the flooringcovering. As most synthetic grass and fibre bonded carpets have highly textured backings, a deep 3.2mm to a 6mm ‘V’ notching is strongly recommended. For hard to hold carpet, or when installing over low absorbent substrates, it is necessary to allow a longer tack up time. Always check & ensure good transfer of wet adhesive to the back of the carpet. Roll within 1 hour of laying. Do not use in rain or if rain is expected during or immediately after laying. Do not allow heavy traffic within 24 hours if installation. 

Note: Always carry out your own test to confirm suitability of this product with your application. Additional information on physical properties, health hazards, storage, handling and transport is available in the Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS), available on request

This product is classified UN 1133 D.G. Class 3 – Hazchem 3 and is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. This product should be stored accordingly and in line with correct regulations.

Appearance: Coloured paste (Green)
Solids: Approx 55%
Base Polymer: Synthetic rubber Carrier: Organic solvent Flammability: Highly flammable
Container Size: 20 litre metal pail