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Roll Width (meters):
Solution Dyed Nylon

Product Overview

Solution dyed polypropylene, Cut Pile Residential Carpet.

Polypropylene is non-absorbent and is dyed in the manufacturing process. The colours are permanent. The non-absorbent nature of Polypropylene carpet makes it almost impossible to stain.
Polypropylene fibres are considered very strong and very abrasion resistant.

Weight: 26 oz

Fibre: Solution Dyed Polypropylene

Carpet Description: cut pile
Yarn Component: Polypropelene
Dye Method: Solution dyed
Pile Height / Carpet Thickness: 7mm (+/-5%)
Pile Weight: 880g/m2 or 26oz/yd2 (+/-5%)
Gauge: 1/10”
Primary Backing: PP Woven Cloth
Secondary Backing: Action Fleece
Width: 3.66m